Pet Related Links

Below is a list of links of animal oriented informational websites and organizations. The staff at Fish Creek is not directly associated with the links below. We strongly recommend diligent research when choosing an adoption organization and inviting a pet into your family. We can't stress enough the need for the right type of pet, that fits your lifestyle and will work for your family. Got a good link? Suggest a link.

Calgary & Area Pet Related Information:

Please read What To Do If You Find Injured or Orphaned Wildlife before bringing in any wild animals. Not all baby animals are orphans, just because there left alone and sometimes it can do more harm then good to remove them from their location. Your best bet is to contact CWRS if you have questions or concerns about any stray wildlife.

Pet Research:

Fish Creek strongly recommends talking to a veterinarian about selecting a pet that is right for your family and can recommend quality breeders and rescue organizations for different types of animals. Since the choices are vast and each animal is different, make sure you know what you are getting into before adopting an animal. Here are some other links that we thought might help: